Saturday, 27 September 2008

How Exciting!!!!

On a Friday I always take my mum out, as she has Parkinsons Disease and can't walk very far. We go shopping and then I take her to play bingo, as she enjoys doing this. Well there is a lovely art and craft store where we go shopping and I thought I would go in there and ask if they sold Pro Markers. So I asked the young man about these pens in the store. He was very helpful and told me the only Manger pens they now sold were Copiic Ciao markers so I thought I would give these a try. He even gave me a sheet of paper on to try out the various colours, which I was very surprised at because they don't usually do that for you. He told me they were £2.99 each but if I bought five they were £2.oo each, so I thought I will only buy five as I thought this was an expensive way of buying them and didn't have a lot of cash with me either(as NEC show coming up soon) As he was putting them into the bag he also asked me if I would like a colour chart of the pens, so I could see which ones I had bought for reference, which was also very kind of him. Anyway I took mum into the bingo and we won 100.00 between us, so I went back to the art store and purchased anothe rfive of these markers and I know I should'nt but it was a treat out of my winnings and last night I had a bit of a paly with them and you know what they are lovely but I will buy some Pro Markers at the show I think and just treat myself now and again to another Copiic marker.

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