Friday, 25 May 2012

No Crafting for me this week!

Hi everyone out there in blogland. Well I haven't had time to do any crafting this week, do not know where time has gone this week. Been really busy at work this week and the weather has been beautiful, so have been walking along beach couple of times this week. I joined Weight Watchers 11 weeks ago and the weight is still coming off I have 5lbs to lose to my 2 stone sticker, so am really thrilled. Uniforms are starting to look baggy on me now, not that makes much difference, as they are a horrid grey colour. I still cannot believe some HCA's actually picked that colour, what were they thinking of. Anyway my daughter Lindsay is coming home at the weekend and I can't wait to see her and give her big hug, after all the things that have been going on at Lincoln. She has now finished her second year of Law and can't believe where the time has gone. I still remember leaving her the first time and cried all the way home to Sunderland in the car, I still cry but just for about 10 mins now. Tonight we are off to my other daughters in Stoke, as her hubby is 30 tomorrow and he dosen't know we are going to surprise him as there are couple of things planned for him over the weekend and I have had a special cake made for him-picture below not quite what I had in mind when I placed the order as I wanted 8in square with car on the top and who ever wrote in their book, wrote car cake and not as I had requested! Well it's done now and not a lot I could do about it as we need it to take away with us tonight. So I hope he will like it, she has assured me it will cut into 40 pieces, I have my doubts? but hey ho. I know daughter will look at this and think why has she put it on her blog already but I think I can safetly say my son in law is not into crafting, so won't be looking at my blog!!!!!
Well what ever you are doing this weekend have a lovely one and don't get too burned with the sun. Loove and hugs Arlinexx

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