Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Old People and their Seats at Bingo!

Bank Holiday Monday was here so had lie in until 9.30 which is unusual for me so had had breakfast and decided I was going to craft for the day so had all my bits on table in lounge, when I got a phone call from my mum to ask why I wasn't at her house picking her up to take her out for the day???????????? Must explain at this point I always take her to bingo on a Monday evening, so thought I was losing the plot as remember telling her on Sunday I would see her Monday at 5.30, so was thinking had I missed something here. She told me as it was BH she was expecting a run out, news to me! So needless to say I had to get ready and pick her up at 11am. Anyway off we went up the coast to Northumberland and it was blustery to say the least but the world and his wife were also on the coast as it was BH Monday. Anyway there was method in her madness as we ended up in Blyth and at the Mecca for afternoon bingo, surprise surprise. Once that was over at 3pm-she then said to me why don't we just sit in the hall and wait for the eveing session(which didn't start until7pm!)I explained I didn't mind taking her back for then but there was no way on earth I was sitting in an empty hall until 7pm looking like some saddo! So I got her back in the car and we went up the coast a little further and ended up at a place called Newbiggin by the Sea, a place I had never been to before and was quite surprised by it. We parked right near the beach in a free car park, unusual too not to have to pay at the coast. So I braved the wind and I mean wind, it was freezing but had a walk along the prom and took some photos and left mum in the car eating her crisps, and she was quite happy. When we got back to Blyth it was only 5.20 but she had to get out of the car because she wanted to sit in a certain seat? I have this debate with her when I take her at home on a Monday she has to be in the hall by 5.30 in case someone takes her seat and she is usually the 2nd one in there every time! These people who play bingo have to be in a certain seat all the time and I tell you what god help you if you sit in a seat where they usually sit they keep saying thing so you will hear them and even say to you, you are in my seat! I have actually seen a fight break out because of it and the thing that amazes me is there are about 1000 seats in the place!! So by the time we got home it was after 10pm so not crafting done, but I have put some photos on for you to see.
On this last photo this is called The Couple, interesting it's a huge sculpture of a couple stuck in the sea on a huge platform, what do you think? Anyway thats all for now folks, have a good day love and hugs Arlinexx

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Elaine said...

Arline what fabulous photos , love to read your blog take Care Hugs Elaine