Saturday, 9 June 2012

Is Having Crafters Block

Hi there everyone out there in blogland. Haven't blogged in a couple of weeks and haven't made any cards either. I just haven't been in the mood, you will know how that feels I am sure. I am having terrible problems with my hip at the moment, well around that area anyway and the pain is terrible kept me awake all last night and am so tired today after being to work - with all lifting etc with my patients, didn't help. I did have six physio sessions through work and I had accupuncture and it helped greatly but as soon as that stopped the problem reared its ugly head once more. I have to laugh as had meeting with my boss yesterday and team lead and I told her was still having problems at work lifting, doing heavy dressings etc and what work did I have today -yes you've guessed heavy dressings etc! I sometimes think because we are nurses we are not allowed to have anything wrong with us- that will stop us being able to do our shifts, good old NHS- getting their priorities right as usual not caring about staff health or welfare. On a positive note the diet is still going well and I have lost just under 2 stones in 12 weeks. It was hard this week as no WW my class is on Tuesdays and it was closed for Bank Holiday, so I did the next best thing I worked both Bank Holidays so was out of the house and also out of way of temptation haha(that probably didn't help hip) Things are still not sorted in Lincoln where daughter is being bulllied, as now the rental agency where she has been for two years is telling her that it is too late to change now for September but Lindsay being Law Student has been to Law Clinic on Campus and they are sorting it now for her. The only problem is while they mess her around she may lose this room at other house she is keen on. She was here last week for a few days and I was dying to confront the madams who have made her life so unhappy these last few months who she shares house with when I took her back at the weekend but surprisingly they had all gone off home. Now was that I wonder because they knew I would be taking her back and was frightened in case I did say something to them, maybe? I met her other friend from the Law School where she has been going to and she said the have been really horrid to her but Lindsay wouldn't let her friend confront them about anything that has been going on, so I do not think I know the full story, just the basics. It is still very worrying as Lindsay is the one who lives the greatest distance away and cannot afford to keep coming home every week like they do. When I knew she was having some problems a few weeks ago I made her some bunting for her room, as she had been wanting some for some time and I saw the Papermania packs and I also bought the Portobello Road papers to make it for her. I think I will enter this into Papertake Challenge this week as it is Anything Goes I hope you all like my effort. So here it is after I first made it I added large letters for her name and added some red white and blue buttons to finish it off. I have added anothe couple of pics for you to see the finished bunting. Well thats all for now peeps the last image is the only way I could show it at full length but it dosen't show up well on the beige wall. Will try and get mojo back over weekend and do some crafting . Love and hugs Arlinex

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