Sunday, 21 August 2011

Paramedics, Sky Man and now Top 3 Winner this Sunday Morning!

What an eventful Sunday morning and all before 11am. I had arranged for Sky to call today and change my box to plus box so was told he would be here between 8am and 1pm so alarm duly set for 7.30am. Only my mobile phone went off at 6.45 to step-dad saying he needed me to get to their flat asap  as my mum was having a nose bleed and they couldn't get it too stop. So quick wash dressed and out before 7.05 rang 999 soon as I got there as mum still bleeding. Paramedic arrived did basic checks BP and vital signs all good, then ambulance arrives. Mum then asked if it was alright if she could go to bathroom, so off she goes and after ten minutes of waiting for her to return, she comes back washed and nightwear changed? I said what have you been doing they are waiting to see to you and the classic remark back was well" I couldn't go down to hospital in blood stained nightie and blood all over me could I, what would they think"??????????  I don't know why the elderly think they have to look their best to go to hospital. After all that the paramedic decided as bleeding had now stopped they wouldn't be now taking her to hospital! So they left and I followed now 8.05am, gets home to Sky man just leaving been gone and installed new box. And finally have just found out have won top three card in this weeks Winter Wonderland Challenge wow. Well think after all that need a lie down and then maybe a bit of crafting this afternoon, don't think I can take any more stress this morning! Hugs Arlinex

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misteejay said...

Oh tell me about it - my Mum is just the same...what do you do with them?

Congrats on your top 3 - it was a lovely card.

Toni xx