Thursday, 4 August 2011

And Now My Crown Has Broken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good morning people, well after a lovely day yesterday going out with my daughter and my mum up around Weardale in Durham, views were spectacular but was rather hot. Last night just before going off to bed my front tooth broke off completely- which was crowned, so now it's going to cost me two hundred pounds agh to have either extracting or re crowning. So now will have to try and find the money for that. Today we have to wait for the gas contractor coming to survey my home, as now we are having new combi-boilers and new fires putting in,  more expense as lounge will need decorating after that work is done, could do with winning lottery! Think we had better do some crafting today as that surely can't cost us any money sitting at home. Well that's all for me at the mo- hope it's not too hot for you all wherever you are and whatever you are doing today. Hugs Arlinex

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