Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Well Packing Ready for NEC bring it on!!!!!!!!!!

Good morning blog friends out there, today I am finishing off getting things packed to go and spend weekend with my daughter and our friends at the NEC in Birmingham. Can't stand crowds really get a bit claustrophobic so now we tend to go on a Sunday when it is a tad less busy and I mean that
literally but this year we are also doing the Cake Show  on Saturday - as my daughter in to sugar crafting this year and wants to go there too. I will not be buying much this year due to the lack of funds but I will share with you next week when I am back what bargains I have bought. Its a shame my youngest daughter is not coming with us as she usually goes off on her own and then when we meet up for a coffee she tells us where all the bargains are and with her being a student she is always on very tight budget but its amazing what she can get for  twenty pounds! Anyway thanks for the kind wishes about my mum who is still in hospital this morning and hopefully she is to be discharged this afternoon , she unfortunately will not be travelling with me to her sisters in Nottingham tomorrow and they were both looking forward to seeing each other as they are both getting on in age and its the only chance my mum gets to go there when I can take her and her sister is housebound. Well people to those going to NEC good luck in the Scrum! everyone else have  great weekend, hope you are doing something nice. Arlinex

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Kathleen said...

Looks like you had a fab time, and bought lots of lovely things to play with. I am definately planning on visiting the nec next year, started saving pennies already!!
Hugs Kat x