Tuesday, 1 November 2011

A Bit of A Saucy Card and a Clutterbug!

Well yesterday evening my washer started sparking blue flashing lights whilst spinning off- so now no working washing machine, just typical when I am getting ready to go away for five days! Then things got worse when I was woken this morning at 8am mobile was ringing, and it was a phone call to say my mum had been admitted to hospital during the night. Come on people give me a break everything starting to wear me down now. Anyway enough of me moaning on- here are a couple of cards I have made for a couple of family birthdays coming up at Christmas -one for my cousin whose birthday is Christmas Eve and the other one for his mum whose birthday is Christmas Day. My Aunts card is a fun one and I know she will take it in the fun sense that it is meant to be. Well that's me for now happy crafting and hope everyone has a better day than mine is turning out to be, feel like running a million miles away today Arlinex

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Dora said...

Awww your cards are gorgeous, love the one for your auntie especially so fun... sorry to hear about your mum, hope she will be better soon xxx