Thursday, 15 September 2011

Lincoln Bound This Weekend

Hi everyone so sorry I haven't had chance to blog hop this week have had a busy week and its only Wednesday. I have been trying to get youngest daughter sorted out ready to go back to university this weekend after 14 weeks at home, not easy I can tell you. So Monday I had to go to Occupational Health to get the all clear to back to work next Monday after 12 weeks due to surgery on neck/face, so that sorted and given green light. Tuesday it was shopping trip for bedding, crockery etc for daughters new house in Lincoln she will be sharing with four other girls. Now just keep having to tell her to get boxes packed ready for Saturday morning as it will be a long day for myself and her elder brother as once we have dropped her off in Lincoln it is over to Stoke on Trent, to pick up bed from my other daughter for her younger brother phew shattered just thinking about it and I won't even be driving. Will try to get back to some routine Sunday or Monday. Arlinex

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Arline said...

At least you will have a bit of peace and quiet....and lots of space(!) once she has gone!! Hehe!xx