Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Busy two weeks and blog goes to pot.

Hi everyone thought I had better post something on my blog as you all may think I have deserted it! I have had a very busy couple of weeks. 17th of September saw my elder son and I taking younger daughter Lindsay back to Lincoln to start 2nd year of Law at University, then we dashed over to Stoke on Trent to pick some furniture up at my other daughters Arline, so we had a day and half on that Saturday. 19th saw me return to work after 14 weeks off sick due to operation on neck/face and have never stopped since. Considering my occupational health dept said I could only go back on the understanding that I went out to visit patients when I felt ready, they may have been speaking a foreign language, only back five days and had to do calls Mon/Tues and today and when I told the Matron this morning that neck was really sore off driving I was told well it is going to hurt sometimes, so what can you do, just get on  with it. I would much rather be out visiting than sitting in the office doing all the crappy jobs they can find for you to do but they have ignored what we were told as regards me going back to work, so hey ho. On a more positive note had a really good appraisal from my team lead which made me feel lot better having just returned from sickness. Well onwards and upwards am going to do some Xmas shopping tomorrow, some of you will be thinking is she crazy but this year my daughter and son in law are with his family for Xmas and they will be coming up in October so have to have their pressies ready for then. Hopefully will be able to craft all day on Saturday and do some blog hopping on Sunday. Thanks for dropping by. Arlinex


meg said...

Hi Arline good to read your post can't your OH step in on your behalf. OH where I worked were really helpful and managers had to abide by their plan.

sallysbitz said...

Well you sure have been busy !!

I do hope you are ok, it's tough when you return to work after a long time off after an op. I had an hysterectomy, so I know what it feels like. Just take things easy coz it will knock you & you feel tired all the time x

hugs sally x

(ps..I have candy up for grabs)