Sunday, 2 May 2010

OMG Another prize for one of my cards!!!!!!!!!!

Hiya everyone. Well have had a canny weekend apart from the old abdo pain, and the less said about that the better. My youngest daughter and I yesterday had to go into town and purchase some more bits for the eldest daughters forthcoming hen night and to buy a small gift for someone at work who is leaving to have a baby ah! Any how we had a canny day as I said buying balloons banners etc, although its funny but in Primark some tshirts and hair accessories fell into my basket which were for youngest daughter, hm wonder how I ended up paying for those and it also cost me a tiara for her prom which is in July, so although I told her we weren't buying anything for her I still ended up spending money on her funny how that happens isn't it mums? Then when I got home had a phone call from bride to be, to say the lady who she had booked for her hen night to do a Pamper Evening had rung to say she couldn't now do it that weekend and maybe she could change her hen night to another date, least to say that didn't go down well as most people have been invited and arranged to travel to her home that weekend. We were both
angry that this woman just thought we could change everything for her after she had been booked for a while now! Some people don't seem to care about letting people down these days.
Well today have been to see my mum and when I got back decided to do a bit of blog hopping and was astonished to find that my card for last weeks Just Cute Bears Challenge had been picked at random and I have won a nice little teddy stamp, so thats alovely way to end my afternoon. Now to the more mundane jobs going to put washing on and then sit tonight and do my cards for this weeks challenges. Thanks for dropping by. Love Arlinex

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Becky said...

Ha! I see Lindsay is at it again eh?? At least you were in Primark and not Prada he he!!