Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Hi everyone I have just about recovered from DD hen night which was on Saturday evening, I think everyone had a good time you can judge for yourself from some pics I have uploaded below. Tonight we are off to Beckys from Beckys Happy Crafting Place to have a craft lesson/session with her can't wait as she is so clever and very talented at making cards, will no doubt be back to show you all what we did and maybe some photos too! Hope you all have a great day crafting. Thanks for dropping by hugs Arlinex

Hope the actual wedding dress is better than these creations made on the Hen Night!

Me and my daughter, the Bride-to-be.

The Bride-to-be and her sister getting ready to party.

Becky having her manicure :)


Becky said...

oh it was a fab night Mammy!! that's the hen night and last night lol!! i only wish you lived down here as we could do it all the time!! xx

Tristan said...

looks like you had a great hen nights!! Hen Night Ideas

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